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Critical incident reporting: designing for speed, performance and reliability

Client already have a incident reporting app, which is using all over Dubai which will help the survivors of an accident or report an incident when occur. Client needs to revamp the application with new UI and faster experience


Key challenges

Client has given the project for designing the application to different companies, so Fineart has to compete with each companies and provide with a most competitive one. Then main challenge in delivering the solution is, client needs to reduce the time for reporting an incident mostly report an incident with minimal clicks. Fineart design team research about user friendly design which also need less scrolling or clicking from the end user.


Design a reward system in the application

Fineart has won the project by building an application which can report an incident with one click, so that the users need not to spend more time to report an incident. Fineart also introduces and design a reward system in the application which will encourage users to report an incident.


The application is now downloaded in most of the residents in Dubai

Incident reporting increased, amount of death or severity decreased due to reporting on time. People were happy about getting rewards and do something for the society. The application is now downloaded in most of the residents in Dubai.


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