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UI UX Design

Mobile App


Dubai Police

The client currently has an incident reporting app widely used throughout Dubai, designed to assist accident survivors and report incidents as they happen. The client seeks to revamp the application with a modern user interface and enhanced performance for a faster, more seamless experience.

Tech Stack:

Native iOS / Android / Node JS / Angular JS

Hours Spend:

120 +

Team Members:


Project Goals & Challenges

One Tap to Safety

The client has assigned the project of designing the application to different companies, so Fineart has to compete with each company and provide the most competitive solution. The main challenge in delivering the solution is to reduce the time required for reporting an incident, ideally allowing incidents to be reported with minimal clicks. Fineart’s design team is researching user-friendly designs that require less scrolling and clicking from the end user.


Rewards Driving Incident Reporting

Fineart secures victory with an innovative application, enabling incident reporting with just one click, streamlining the process and saving users valuable time. Additionally, Fineart pioneers a reward system within the application, incentivizing users to report incidents promptly while fostering a culture of proactive safety engagement.


The Impact of Timely Reporting in Dubai

The proactive approach to incident reporting has yielded tangible results, leading to a decrease in both the frequency and severity of incidents. Lives have been saved, and injuries minimized, all thanks to timely reporting. The introduction of a rewards system has not only incentivized individuals to report incidents promptly but has also instilled a sense of community engagement and responsibility.


Incident Resolution Rate


User Engagement



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