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Accessibility Audits

We conduct thorough audits of your digital platforms against compliance standards, providing actionable insights for improvement. 

Custom Compliance Strategies

Tailored strategies ensure accessibility without compromising design or functionality, aligning with your brand’s goals. 

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User-Centric Design Overhauls

We prioritize inclusivity in design, creating intuitive interfaces welcoming to all users, regardless of abilities. 

Accessibility Implementation Support

Our comprehensive support integrates accessibility features seamlessly, ensuring a user-friendly experience. 

Logo & Visual Identity Design

Our designers create captivating logos and visual identities, ensuring a strong brand presence across all touchpoints.

Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance keeps platforms compliant with evolving standards, ensuring accessibility over time. 

Training and Education Programs

Our programs equip your team with knowledge and skills for prioritizing accessibility in digital design and development. 

Consultation Services

We offer expert guidance and personalized advice on navigating accessibility standards and regulations. 

User Testing and Feedback Sessions

Gather valuable insights through interactive sessions with diverse user groups to improve accessibility and usability. 

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Design Compliance Standards

WCAG Guidelines

We follow W3C guidelines, prioritizing inclusivity through factors like color contrast, alternative image text, and keyboard navigation.

User Interface Design Standards

Our UI design ensures usability for all users with consistent, clear, and intuitive interaction patterns.

Mobile Accessibility Guidelines

Our mobile design handles small screens and touch interfaces with responsive design and gestures for seamless experiences.

HIPAA Compliance

We prioritize PHI security in healthcare designs with encryption, access controls, and audit trails.

HL7 Standards

We integrate EHR interoperability standards for smooth healthcare system communication, enhancing patient care.

Compliance with Legal Regulations

We ensure our designs meet accessibility laws like ADA or EAA with image descriptions and screen reader compatibility.

International Standards

Our designs follow global standards like ISO 9241 or ISO/IEC 40500, considering diverse cultural contexts and user preferences worldwide.

Why Fineart

Expertise in Inclusive Design

Our team is well-versed in inclusive design principles, ensuring that your digital products are accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities. 

Compliance and Standards Mastery

We excel in design compliance and standards, covering WCAG, UI design, mobile accessibility, HIPAA, HL7, ADA, and EAA regulations.

Tailored Solutions

We tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs, whether you’re a startup, an established enterprise, or a nonprofit organization. 

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Collaborative Approach

We prioritize collaboration and transparency from start to finish, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.

Customer Satisfaction

We ensure you’re delighted with the final outcome, aligning your digital presence with your brand’s values and vision.

What Client Say

Here is a product that will touch the lives of many patients and hopefully it will provide some much-needed relief to them and their relatives. Thank you to all the team members behind this wonderful project. Fineart team has risen to the occasion and delivered a world-class product.

Manoj Gopalkrishna

Founder, MHM

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What is inclusive design, and why is it important for my website?

Inclusive design ensures accessibility for all users, regardless of abilities or disabilities, by considering diverse needs and enhancing user experience. It demonstrates commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, reaching a broader audience and fostering a positive brand image. Ultimately, it leads to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

How does compliance with accessibility standards benefit my business?

Complying with WCAG and ADA standards benefits your business by enhancing inclusivity, reducing legal risks, improving search engine ranking, and enhancing user experience, leading to increased conversions and better business performance.

What are the key features of an accessible website?

An accessible website ensures usability for all users with features like alternative text for images, keyboard navigation, clear content formatting, proper color contrast, and consistent layout. These elements create a user-friendly experience for all visitors.

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