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"Connecting hearts, weaving a network of support in every heartbeat, InstaChart transforms resident engagement in healthcare."

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In the realm of nursing facilities, effective communication between staff, patients, and their families stands as a cornerstone of quality care. InstaChart Resident Engagement Platform emerges as a pioneering solution designed to enhance this vital aspect of healthcare delivery. 
InstaChart Resident Engagement Platform is a comprehensive solution crafted to streamline communication between nursing facilities and their inpatients or discharged patients, alongside their family members. By fostering seamless interaction through both web and mobile applications, InstaChart empowers facilities, patients, doctors, and staff to connect and monitor activities efficiently. 

Tech Stack:

.NET 3.1 / PostgreSQL / React

Hours Spend:

400 +

Team Members:


Project Goals & Challenges

Empowering healthcare with precision and empathy

The primary objective was to develop a user-friendly and feature-rich dashboard along with a patient and staff management system tailored to the unique needs of each organization and facility user. The challenge lay in creating a highly intuitive and functionally sophisticated platform capable of meeting diverse communication requirements within healthcare settings. 


The Insightful Process Behind InstaChart's Interface

Our journey began with a meticulous examination of communication dynamics and user preferences within nursing facilities. This research guided the development of InstaChart’s web and mobile solutions, ensuring seamless integration and optimal user experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we created a dashboard embodying intuitive design principles and robust functionality. 


Seamless Collaboration, Enhanced Outcomes

InstaChart Resident Engagement Platform revolutionizes communication in nursing facilities. Its customizable dashboard and management system empower organizations, fostering connections and optimizing efficiency. By facilitating real-time communication and providing insights through activity tracking, InstaChart transforms care delivery, ensuring enhanced patient outcomes and satisfaction. Embracing InstaChart means embracing heightened efficiency, improved communication, and elevated care standards, shaping the future of healthcare communication.


Improvement in real-time monitoring of patient activities.


Increase in staff-patient communication efficiency.


Reduction in response time for patient inquiries.

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March 16, 2023

InstaChart: Transforms resident engagement in healthcare.

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