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EventOrg, a pioneering solution in event management, set out to empower events and conferences with its cutting-edge corporate event app. With a focus on providing a comprehensive platform for creating and managing various events, EventOrg aimed to redefine the landscape of event management. 

Tech Stack:

Native iOS / Android / Node JS / Angular JS

Hours Spend:

400 +

Team Members:


Project Goals & Challenges

Seamless Event Management, Competitive Edge

Fineart embarked on a mission to build a mobile and web application that simplifies the process of creating and managing multiple events. The primary goal was to develop a perfect event management system that could rival major competitors. Key challenges included achieving a competitive advantage through white-labeling features, addressing the intricacies of managing multiple events for each customer, and ensuring a robust Software as a Service (SAAS) platform. 


Designing Flexibility: A Journey with User-Centered Design (UCD)

The transformative journey with EventOrg unfolded through a meticulous process guided by User-Centered Design (UCD). From initial user research to iterative design, each step aimed at understanding user needs and optimizing the event management experience. The UCD process ensured that the platform seamlessly integrated user-friendly interfaces, efficient modules, and a robust SAAS system for managing multiple events. 


Revolutionizing Healthcare Communication

EventOrg’s impact was transformative, introducing a new era of flexibility and efficiency in event management. The platform successfully addressed the challenges of managing multiple events, providing organizers with a powerful tool to streamline their processes. EventOrg established itself as a leader in the event management industry, setting a new standard for user-friendly and feature-rich platforms. 


Hospitals & clinics integrated


Health Outcomes


Health Outcomes

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