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Post Acute Care

"The quintessential solution for post-acute care streamlines collaboration and enhances patient care, with workflows seamlessly spanning from referrals to instant messaging and AI-driven insights."

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Pac IQ

Pac IQ transforms post-acute care referral management. As a cutting-edge SAAS tool, it streamlines collaboration, ensuring swift patient referrals. With features like secure chat and AI insights, Pac IQ enhances operational excellence for healthcare providers.

Tech Stack:

Native iOS / Android / Node JS / Angular JS

Hours Spend:

400 +

Team Members:


Project Goals & Challenges

Streamlining Healthcare: The Impact of Ingenuity

Fineart Design Agency faced many challenges creating Pac IQ’s UI/UX. They had to handle complex workflows, ensure HIPAA compliance, and balance features for simplicity. Overcoming data visualization issues and meeting different user needs were key too. But they succeeded! Pac IQ now has an easy-to-use, secure interface that improves referral management for healthcare pros and admins.


Crafting Solutions Through User Lens

We focused on you, the user, to tackle Pac IQ’s challenges. Prioritizing security and simplicity, we simplified workflows and improved data visualization. Our customizable design ensures a smooth experience on all devices. The result? A UI/UX solution that makes managing referrals easier for you.


Revolutionizing Healthcare Communication

They crafted a user-friendly interface, ensuring HIPAA compliance and meeting diverse user needs. Their efforts have revolutionized referral management for healthcare professionals and administrators, streamlining workflows and improving patient care worldwide.


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