February 1, 2022

My Healing Mate

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    My Healing Mate

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MHM platform is for patients for sharing their experiences and seek support


To create an online platform catering to patients/caregivers as a primary user. Expert physicians and health coaches (dieticians, nutritionists and other such consultants) will also be accessing this application for providing services to the patients. The output should be a user-friendly Mobile App, Web App for doctors and clinics, this should be like a community engagement platform that is catering for life-altering patients, so we are aiming to create a complete health ecosystem for cancer patients


The doctor-patient digital engagement platform

Our client had a great idea for a healthcare application for Indian patients to share their life-altering conditions, their symptoms, treatments, in a social community and connect and chat with patients with similar conditions. It was also planned to include online patient-doctor consultations, prescription and booking of appointments.


We’re changing the way people think of UI/UX creation

To bring this idea to life, Fineart delved deep into the healthcare IT market for such applications, and our experts consulted with doctors and patients and collected data from them. From our various researches, we derived our unique proposition. Reliable, timely, easily accessible communication, be it with fellow community members or medical professionals, seemed a most critical feature especially considering commute challenges and scarcity of experts locally. Video chatting in their native language was found to be the most desired form of engagement.

Fineart team performed a detailed comparison study of options available to implement such a feature – a range spanning from built-from-scratch to licensing a healthcare regulation-compliant, third party tool. Given the time constraint imposed by the go-to-market plan, a suitable SDK needed to be selected considering such factors as – compliance, data security, scalability, technology/platform compatibility, workflow flexibility and most importantly, ongoing support.

Fine art - UI UX



Discovery Phase

As a UI/UX specialist in the first step, we do lots of user research and workshops to gain knowledge and understanding of the product that will help us to give the optimized final product


Business Understanding

  • Audience Definition
  • User Research


Understand user needs and goals

  • Design Strategy
  • UX & Analytics Audit


Market Study

  • Competitive Analysis

Define Phase

Draw insights based on the data collected from the Discovery phase. This solves a problem that they are currently facing.


Site Map

File where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them.



Visually predicts user flow in the app and help us to understand the flow of user interaction


User Flow

To figure out the flow of a website or application after you’ve thought about the customer experience and user needs.


User persona

Identifies user goals and user behavior


User Journey Mapping

Visually represents Emotions, Expectations and User Experience


Information Architecture

Focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way.


Turning product ideas into real examples through wireframing and prototyping.



Sketching basic functional screens through low and high fidelity wireframing


Guides & Design System

Creates App theme visual elements



Creates interactive prototype to represents final user flow and experience


Visual Design

Creates visual design that shows the final UI of the product


Fineart has designed web and mobile applications

Fineart has developed web and mobile applications and has successfully integrated the Agora SDK in its communication modules. The user interface has been designed similar to the common social media applications so that the patient can easily use it. The feature-rich mobile and web application enable patients to share their experience, chat with their peers and seek guidance from experts. Patients can consult doctors online and Fineart ensured the platform fulfilled the HIPAA guidelines and followed the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health.


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