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"Unlocking new realms of efficiency and insight, Meetingful AI transforms meetings into collaborative powerhouses."

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Meetingful AI

Meetingful AI, a revolutionary venture in artificial intelligence, emerged as a solution to elevate and redefine the meeting experience. With a focus on streamlining collaboration and extracting valuable insights, Meetingful AI aimed to revolutionize how professionals engage in meetings. 

Tech Stack:

Figma / Adobe Suite / Balsamiq / Maze Test

Hours Spend:

500 +

Team Members:


Project Goals & Challenges

Optimizing Collaboration, Unveiling Efficiency

Meetingful AI embarked on a journey to transform the conventional meeting landscape. The goal was to create an AI-powered platform that not only facilitated seamless virtual meetings but also offered valuable insights and transcripts. Striking the perfect balance between robust functionality and user-friendly design presented challenges. 


Designing Intelligence: A Journey with User-Centered Design

The transformative journey with Meetingful AI unfolded through a meticulous process guided by User-Centered Design (UCD). From the initial stages of user research to the iterative design process, every step was aimed at understanding user needs and enhancing the meeting experience. 


The AI Revolution in Meetings: Meetingful AI's Success

The impact of our collaboration with Meetingful AI was monumental. The platform successfully introduced a new era of efficiency and insights in meetings. Professionals experienced a seamless transition to AI-powered collaboration, with features like automated insights and meeting transcripts enhancing productivity. 


Increase in meeting productivity.


Reduction in meeting planning time.


Rise in user satisfaction with the AI-enhanced meeting experience.

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