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"Streamlines access management for multiple companies, empowering admins with ease and efficiency. From creating engaging quizzes to sharing exciting content, Envision fuels employee interaction."

Services Provide

UI UX Design

Mobile App



A web based portal through which a super admin can set up access for multiple companies. The companies can use their account to set up quizzes, push content like videos & news to the Envision mobile app. Companies can also link points & rewards to all activities and get insights on the overall wellness of their employees by tracking their progress.

Tech Stack:

Native iOS / Android / Node JS / Angular JS

Hours Spend:

400 +

Team Members:


Project Goals & Challenges

Wellness in Your Hands

Unlock a comprehensive mobile and web solution empowering corporations to drive impactful health and wellness campaigns. Motivate employees through personalized challenges and engaging activities, fostering a culture of vitality and well-being in the workplace.


Striving for Employee Happiness

The solution operates on a subscription basis for corporations. They can purchase access to the web portal to run campaigns and share health-related content directly to the mobile app for employees.


Scaling Success

The enterprise system easily managed multiple corporate accounts and their data, scaling as required, and allowed the corporate admins and the end users to access features easily and quickly. The continuous engagement facilitated by this system between management and employees increased employee satisfaction.


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