February 3, 2022


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    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

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    UI/UX Design

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    Gregory Howe

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    Mobile App, Web App


Enterprise-level CRM systems


Client is specialised  in innovative CRM solutions for nonprofit organizations. enterprise-level CRM systems Fineart undertook to design, architect, implementation and test the Microsoft Azure based solution. The solution will be architected considering the seasonal nature of the application.


Creating a user friendly, CRM system

Creating a user-friendly, CRM system which would be appealing to the user and user-friendly as the customers are normal public, client have tens of thousands of top-rated, U.S. charities to choose from. The Fineart design team need to understand the user persona and come up with a most feasible design.


Design team developed a website which is easy to use

Our design team developed a website which is easy to use, so each any user who accesses the website can view the charity details and the website made with visually appealing materials so that the user would be interested to go through the website and its news and blogs.


CRM becomes so popular

The solution is architected considering the seasonal nature of the application.The application is now easy and the user engagement increased for the company and the CRM becomes so popular.


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