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"Give with Confidence, Give with Altruity: Where Every Donation Sparks Hope and Progress!"

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Altruity enables donors to easily support causes they care about and track their impact in real-time. From education to healthcare, environmental conservation to social justice, Altruity offers transparency and ease of giving. Beyond donations, Altruity fosters a culture of philanthropy and social responsibility, inspiring individuals to become agents of change in their communities. Join us in partnering with Altruity to make a difference effortlessly.

Tech Stack:

Native iOS / Android / Node JS / Angular JS

Hours Spend:

800 +

Team Members:


Project Goals & Challenges

Crafting an Accessible CRM for Altruity Foundation

Fineart’s goal is to create a user-friendly CRM for Altruity Foundation, targeting the general public. Given the vast selection of top-rated U.S. charities, resonance with users is key. Understanding user personas, they prioritize simplicity and accessibility, enabling seamless navigation and access to charity details. Through visually appealing designs, the website captivates users, encouraging exploration of news and blogs, fostering engagement.


Crafting Solutions Through User Lens

The transformative journey with Meetingful AI unfolded through a meticulous process guided by User-Centered Design (UCD). From the initial stages of user research to the iterative design process, every step was aimed at understanding user needs and enhancing user experience.


Fineart's User-Friendly CRM for Altruity Foundation

The solution is architected considering the seasonal nature of the application.The application is now easy and the user engagement increased for the company and the CRM becomes so popular.


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