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Surgo Health

Our client, Surgo Health, a Canadian health tech company, wanted to transition from a non-profit consultancy to a for-profit product company. After months of research, we developed a SaaS product to help pharmaceutical, social wellness, and healthcare providers identify medical condition vulnerabilities by region.

Tech Stack:

React JS/MUI

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1900 +

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Project Goals & Challenges

Discover the winning formula behind our impactful solutions!

Faced with the client’s challenges, our team collaborated to brainstorm innovative solutions. This involved facilitating the client’s transition to profitability, creating a healthcare data platform, fostering collaborations with pharmaceutical giants, integrating data across platforms, and strategically developing products. Our collective efforts prioritized and executed ideas, ensuring a comprehensive approach to deliver impactful solutions.


Dive into our collaborative journey with Surgo Health!

Our work with Surgo Health focused on creating a user-friendly design through a method called User-Centered Design (UCD). We listened to users, refined features collaboratively, and ensured adaptability to healthcare needs and regulations. Each step was guided by our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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The Realization of Technological Excellence

After careful analysis of these challenges in detail, we identified the product and started our solution phase and began our work on how we can enhance the user experience and execute this product perfectly. To achieve this, we used the User-Centered Design (UCD) process. By following this, we can ensure that our solutions are effective, intuitive, and user-friendly.


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