Revolutionizing healthcare through collaboration!

Embarking on an innovative venture with Surgo Health a prominent US health technology company, our collaborative efforts were dedicated to a transformative mission.

The challenge at hand was reshaping their established non-profit consultancy into a thriving for-profit entity. This partnership delved into the intricate intersection of data analytics and public health, pushing the boundaries of traditional models to carve a unique niche in the industry.


Project Goals and Objectives

Transforming vision into reality

Fueled by a commitment to innovation our primary objectives in collaborating with Surgo Health were to redefine their non-profit consultancy into a lucrative for-profit entity. We aimed to leverage their extensive proprietary models and data insights, culminating in the creation of a groundbreaking SAAS product. Our focus encompassed seamlessly onboarding one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies onto this transformative platform, a testament to our dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering impactful solutions in the realm of health technology and public health.

Research & Discovery

Navigating the research realm with precision and purpose

In the critical phase of research and discovery, our team undertook an exhaustive journey. Through user interviews and a thorough analysis of competitors, we aimed not only to comprehend the intricacies of our target audience but also to glean insights from industry benchmarks.

This meticulous approach served as the foundation for our strategic design decisions, ensuring that every step was rooted in a deep understanding of user needs and industry trends.

Design Process

Crafting experiences with purpose

Our design process was intricately woven into the fabric of the User-Centered Design (UCD) methodology, ensuring a holistic and user-focused approach. Embracing UCD principles, we consistently engaged in user research, creating designs that evolved based on real-world insights. This iterative cycle, grounded in user needs and feedback, not only enhanced the user experience but also aligned seamlessly with the client’s objectives.

UCD served as our guiding compass, ensuring that every design decision was a thoughtful response to user behaviors, preferences, and industry best practices.

Challenges & Solutions

Turning challenges into triumphs

Navigating through the project, we encountered challenges that demanded innovative solutions. A significant hurdle was an inability to access crucial geographical data and insights necessary for informed decision-making. This encompassed understanding the prevalence of diseases in specific regions and determining the optimal distribution and life science companies.

To resolve this, our team implemented a robust data visualization system, empowering the client to seamlessly view and analyze geographical information. This transformative solution not only addressed a pivotal challenge but also equipped the client with the tools to make informed decisions strategically aligned with regional healthcare needs.

Web & Mobile Application

The Outcomes

  • Intelligent Dashboard for Takeda – Big win for Surgo Ventures.
  • Designed a smart dashboard for Surgo to provide Takeda with analytics, aiding Takeda’s leadership in market-driven decision-making.
  • Intelligent dashboard concept designs were shared with Takeda and contributed in winning the contract for Surgo.
  • MVP development contact with world’s largest pharmaceutical company.
  • Survey Data analysis & reporting were signed off for 7+ countries.
  • Contributed in establishing future goals like clinical trial software’s.


A Heartfelt Thank You for Transformative Software Research
Your innovative approach and comprehensive research efforts not only secured a substantial contract with a major pharmaceutical company but also facilitated their seamless onboarding onto our platform. This success has exceeded our expectations, positioning us confidently in the complex pharmaceutical industry. The thorough research undertaken by your team played a key role in winning the trust of our client and securing this lucrative contract. Your forward-thinking approach and integration of the latest technologies have been pivotal in differentiating us from the competition.
Mike Barros

Head of Product, Surgo Health

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